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Easter and Egg in a Glass?

Jamaican culture is full of various traditions, one for anything you can think of.  When a baby get’s a hiccup – put a string with water on his/her forehead.  When someone dies you have to throw a party for nine nights.   And then there are a host of traditions around food. Easter is one of …

Volunteering — a Great Way to Learn Executive Leadership

I have always been a big advocate of volunteerism. It is a great way to help the world, do something fulfilling, find work that is satisfying, and meet interesting people. But an additional benefit that is often overlooked is the fact that volunteering can provide you with skills essential to good leadership. After all, volunteering …

11 Tips to Get the Prettiest Table

Love holiday tables this is one is very nice for brunch/lunch.  See 11 great tips.