Nadine Spencer

Nadine Spencer


Live In The Moment!

This Sunday morning is perfect. I’m in bed, I feel the cool breeze coming through the window, the sun has yet to spread her hot rays across the land, there’s soft music playing in the background (Mona Lisa), and the quiet stillness of the dawn is cathartic. I’m reminded of being in New York or …

Dining at The West Hill Wine Bar with MPP Mitzie Hunter

I recently went to a great restaurant in Scarborough-Guildwood with our new MPP, Mitzie Hunter. The restaurant was a pleasant surprise in a plaza at Manse and Kingston Road. TheWest Hill Wine Bar is an unassuming space, but there is nothing unassuming about the ambiance and decadently delicious food offerings! After a warm and friendly …

The Best is Yet to Come

“We are an American family, we rise and fall together as one nation, as one people,” Obama said. “For the United States of America, the best is yet to come.”