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Nadine Spencer is a visionary entrepreneur, CEO, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, and communications, Nadine has earned a reputation as one of Canada's top business leaders, empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their goals and create positive change.

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I’m Nadine. During the day I help market and brand companies as CEO of Brand EQ. The rest of the time I’m an adventure capitalist, making the most of life and all it has to offer. I enjoy traveling, good food and great friends. I’m actively involved with philanthropic activities, both local and abroad. I am a speaker where I discuss everything from business to philanthropy.

My more “Professional” biography:

Nadine Spencer is the chief executive officer of Brand EQ Group Inc., a global marketing and communications agency made up of top-level creative professionals from around the world, specializing in meeting clients’ marketing, communications, and PR goals.

Spencer has earned a reputation as an experienced and skilled professional who accelerates strategic growth and brand visibility for leading corporate, non-profit organizations and individuals. She specializes in public relations and global communication strategies, and through her coined “People Matter” concept has expanded market growth and increased revenues significantly for various multi-national enterprises by amplifying their stories to a wider audience.

An experienced communications professional with a visionary gift for articulating key messages, Spencer has an extensive track record in engagement strategies. Through a stellar history of business experience and strategic partnerships, she has redefined every leadership position that she has held, while simultaneously playing a major philanthropic role across various communities.

Spencer holds a BA Hon Degree in Political Science from York University and recently served as director of the Food Network Delicious Food Show, where she managed all aspects of the show’s production, including business plans, special features, PR strategy, marketing, communication strategies, sponsorship, exhibit sales, and partner relationships.

She has served on numerous corporate and not-for-profit boards, and as president of the Junior League of Toronto, a global non-profit women’s organization focused on volunteerism, women’s empowerment, and community strengthening. She currently serves as marketing director for Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs, an organization founded by Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey. She also works with various charitable organizations, empowering impoverished and disenfranchised women to work their way to prosperity through education and entrepreneurship.