Nadine Spencer

Why Branding Matters

No one is saying content doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to your overall reputation, it’s hard to argue with the people who will tell you that brand is more important. If you find your professional interests struggling, it is entirely possible that you’re not taking the concept of brand, content, and reputation as seriously as you should.

The Value Of Branding
We’ve seen it before. Two products that are similar in what they offer, with one being vastly superior to the other. Yet the inferior product outsells the superior one by a substantial margin. Why is this the case?

In the end, it comes down to the brand. Recognition is important, and you obviously want that recognition to be as positive as humanly possible. You want people to recognize your product straight away, because they recognize your brand, and you want that to be a good thing. Believe it or not, but there are indeed such things as negative responses and bad publicity.

So in the end, you want your content to have a success story that is derived through positive brand recognition. When people recognize your branding in a positive manner, your reputation is helping you out. It plays as much a part in your professional success as the quality of your product.

Obviously, in the end you want to have a great product. This establishes the good relationship with your brand that you’re looking for. However, where content ends, the true potential of what your name is capable of will come to the forefront. Targeted marketing, elaborate, interactive social media hubs, and unique events that feature your name and logo are all excellent ways to create the best relationship possible with your ideal clients or customers.

Consider NASCAR. Companies that feature their name and logo on suits and cars are establishing immediate recognition with a massive audience. The audience is already interested, just by virtue of the event itself. Companies benefit from that attention in a very big way.

There are so many examples of how you can dramatically improve your reputation through creatively exploring how to get your name out there. You can advertise at major events, host special events yourself, give away samples of your product to your target audience, and so much more. Consider what you can do in the way of establishing recognition with your ideal audience. Once your mind starts moving in this direction, ideas will indeed begin to emerge in a big way.

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