Nadine Spencer

When They See Us. When WE See Us.

The series @whentheyseeus still resonates with me deeply. So much in this brilliant story of the #exonerated5 told by Ava Duvarnay @ava. For me, other than the injustice of the legal system, racism, and the myriad of other issues Black people face, is the absolute resilience of the five men. As Black people, we are strong, because we have to be. Sometimes though I wish we are not put in positions that test our strength.

One of the main takeaways for me is the need to educate our children as soon as they can understand what it means to be Black in a society that can be unjust. Especially in the US. One responsibility we must take seriously is how WE see and treat each other. When WE see us, is looking out for each other, standing together, showing up, supporting each other and lifting each other up. Let this be one of the outcomes of @whentheyseeus