Nadine Spencer

It’s Time. Again.

When I first saw this cover four years ago it conjured up a lot of different emotions and feelings. Pride—that the seemingly impossible could come true, and we could have a black president. Fear—of the task he would have ahead of him if he won, seeing as he’d be leading a country with huge debt, and unemployment problem, war, and lack of adequate health care. Purpose—that with his education, experience, and audacious ambition he would do his best to manage the current situation. And most of all, Hope—for a new day, new changes, and new possibilities.

Four years later, I still feel a sense of pride, fear, purpose, and hope—perhaps even more so this time, because I believe that after the past four years President Obama is now better equipped to manage the job ahead of him, yet know that he will face new and greater challenges.

Here is to four more years of leadership, recovery, progress, and, most importantly, hope.