Nadine Spencer

Finding Your Vision

“When there is no vision the people perish” –ancient proverb

All through life we have been told that hard work, persistence, and dedication will eventually pay

dividends and bring us success. This is true, to an extent—the value of hard work and commitment cannot be overstated. But when it comes to finding success in the business world—or in any other competitive arena—there is another characteristic that will prove invaluable, time and time again. Vision is what separates the movers from the shakers, the employees from the employers, the successful from the stratospheric. If you look back at history, it is clear to see that those who work hard do well, but those who work hard on a passionate vision go on to do great things.

Vision can come in an infinite number of forms—in every color, shape and size imaginable. For every person alive there is potential for a different vision—what is important is that each person is encouraged and empowered to pursue their dreams. For some this might mean starting a successful business, or retiring by the age of 40. For others it might mean being the first in their family to earn a university degree, or to move to the country and life off the land in a self-sufficient manner. Your vision is the thing that you most desire to do, that your heart would be most content accomplishing. It is a vocation, a calling—that one thing that most feeds your soul. Amazingly, when one pursues their dream—when one has a vision—they will do great things without even realizing they are putting in an effort, without ever feeling like they are doing work. This is the true blessing of having a vision—it places your focus on the process rather than the goal, giving you the energy and drive to accomplish great things for a simple sense of satisfaction. Ironically, it is when you free yourself to do something for no other reason than the love and the passion, financial success—and success of all types—often follows close behind!

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