Nadine Spencer

Nadine Spencer

Christmas Eve @ The Warming Centre with MPP Mitzie Hunter

With all of the commercialism that surrounds the holiday season, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. But sometimes nature gives us a bit of a wake-up call and helps us remember. This year in Toronto tens of thousands of people are without heat for the holidays due to a major winter ice storm.

Last night I had the privilege to visit one of the warming centers in our city with Scarborough-Guildwood’s MPP Mitzie Hunter.  My very small role and visit was nothing compared to the City of Toronto staff who welcomed and nurtured each vistior to the center with a warmth of sincerity and true care like none I’ve every felt.  The various volunteers and local Public Health Workers were just as warm and caring.

This visit helped put the holiday season back into perspective for me. Family, friends, and a safe, warm place to sit and talk—these are the things that are most important, and I am glad that our community is doing something to help those who have been affected by this storm. Something as simple as a warm shower takes on a whole new meaning at a time like this, but what we often take for granted is only possible for our displaced neighbors through the generosity of those who have been spared from this storm.

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