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I’m Nadine. During the day I help market and brand companies as CEO of Brand EQ. The rest of the time I’m an adventure capitalist, making the most of life and all it has to offer. I enjoy traveling, good food and great friends. I’m actively involved with philanthropic activities, both local and abroad. I am a speaker where I discuss everything from business to philanthropy.  I live in Toronto with my husband, two daughters and two dogs.

My more “Professional” biography:

Nadine Spencer is founder and CEO of Brand EQ. As a 15 year veteran of luxury and premium brand management she has developed a reputation for spotting trends early. She has worked with a number of high-profile individuals and companies to develop their branding and marketing. A sample of her clients includes the Toronto International Film Festival, P Diddy, Mercedes Benz, and Fiji Water.

Prior to her work in marketing, Nadine was a highly sought-after consultant for food products and development. She is a recognized authority on global gourmet food trends and is consults for specialty stores, large grocery chains and chefs. Prior to forming her own online gourmet store, the Indulgent Foodie, Nadine was Purchasing Manager for a leading specialty food distributor in Canada responsible for such brands as Fiji Water, Pepsi, Tropicana, and Cascade.

In addition to her professional career, Nadine’s philanthropic work is not to go unnoticed. She has worked extensively in support of creating strong female leaders and business professionals in addition to expanding education  and entrepreneurship in third-world countries.

Nadine is also a featured speaker of industry topics. She frequently speaks at regional, national and international events geared towards entrepreneurship, diversity, sales and marketing and sustainability.




President A-Supreme Foundation current

Lifelong Leadership Institute – Board Member

President Junior League of Toronto 2012 – 2013

Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc- marketing and communications chair

Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs

Jane and Finch PanAM/ParaPanAM Games Committee

“Women’s voices needs to be amplified.”

— ~Nadine Spencer —


The leading and emerging trends in the global economy – black business and professional association

Miss representation – Junior league of Toronto

YWCA – literacy for all

Youth Employment – Costi Youth Services

Marketing In the food Industry – Rotman Women’s Leadership Symposium, University of Toronto

Jamaica 50 home coming – Jamaica 50 celebration

Special Development Region for Honduras – TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

— B.B. King —


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