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This Sunday morning is perfect. I’m in bed, I feel the cool breeze coming through the window, the sun has yet to spread her hot rays across the land, there’s soft music playing in the background (Mona Lisa), and the quiet stillness of the dawn is cathartic. I’m reminded of being in New York or Florence. Nothing can replace a moment in time, I think as I lie here. We have to accept these moments as they come and Nick Cannonappreciate them for what they are.

Yesterday, a group of friends and I went to Port Royal for Gloria’s legendary fish. On the way there we met Nick Cannon—and I mean literally! We shook hands, and I complimented him on his great role in Drumline. My friend suggested I take a photo with him, but I hesitated—my hair was slightly imperfect! How vain! And then the moment was gone. Nick left after flashing me his dazzling, melt-your-heart smile, and that was it.

We proceed to Gloria’s and had the most delicious meal: scrumptious steamed fish, curried shrimp, delicious bami and festival that tasted exactly as it did when I was a kid. After passing on dessert, we finished the evening with coconut water and oysters from the oyster man, with various sauces (including his famous “weed sauce”).

On the way back we stopped by the Pegasus to meet Chef Cole and try the vodka shooter he made for President Barack Obama when he visited Jamaica—coconut jelly in coconut water and vodka. While we were not able to have that particular drink, the chef sent us a delicious tray of corn-infused chicken tartar on a thin layer of crisp garlic-flavored crostini.

People define success in many ways, but ultimately it’s the moments we take advantage of—whether it’s a business deal, a production, or even relationships, it’s all about making the most of each situation. Maybe if I’d stepped out of that car, given Nick a very firm, sure handshake, and introduced myself as the CEO of BrandEq marketing agency, we might have ended up discussing how he could be involved in many of our projects. Who knows? Although I don’t have any regrets, I know that next time will be different.

Nevertheless, I continue to enjoy my perfect Sunday morning, sipping my hot lemon tea as the sun gets stronger, the cool breeze slowly fades, and Crystal Gayle croons “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue.”

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